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Friday, 1 November 2013

How to Improve Google Ranking, Even With Less Traffic?

SEO plays important role to enhance Google ranking and it's extremely the foremost important strategy to drive traffic to your blog, and lots of issue else(what is seo?). As we all know SEO has 2 main elements - Off Page SEO Tools and On Page SEO Tools. Whereas Keyword researching is that the most essential issue that decides a blog's success in program like Google. If you add targeted keywords in your blog then it'll extremely be useful to enhance Google ranking even with less traffic.
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How to Improve Google Ranking, Even With Less Traffic?Today's article because the topic says "How to enhance Google Ranking, Even with Traffic?" we area unit progressing to learn a number of the major strategy and techniques by that we will improve Google ranking effectively. thus what is more? that is secret, Discover additional - simply browse this text briefly.

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  • How to Improve Google Ranking, Even With Less Traffic? 
  • I have got lots of requests from our readers regarding " the way to Improve Google Ranking with Less Traffic" and for those all this text is good so as to be told. we'd recommend you to focus in the following tips and strategy and follow them so as to improve Google ranking. 
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1. Article Length and Quality: 

Google takes it seriously regarding an article's length and quality. It's extremely essential to write down a high quality and real article whereas it's too necessary to write down a long term article so as to enhance Google Ranking. One issue we must always follow so as to rank well is to write down for humans not for the search engines as your browseers area unit the one WHO can read the articles in your blog not the search engines. 

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Few Tips to enhance Google Ranking By Articles is: 

1. Write genuine And Quality Articles In Your blog. 
2. Write For Humans Not For Search Engines. 
3. Article should Be higher than five hundred Words. 
4. Article ought to Be Grammatically Correct. 
5. attempt Avoiding Silly grammar Mistakes.  

2. Add Optimized And attractive Article Titles: 

Do You Know? Article title plays an important role to enhance your program ranking? SEO experts says that you simply should add keywords in your article title so as to rank higher in search engines. 

Add your Main and Most Targeted Keywords within the article and create it SEO Friendly. And create it additional attractive which can force your readers to click on your article which can effectively improve your Bounce Rate and Visits too. 

3. Social Media Plays a giant Role: 

Social Signals like Likes, Shares, Pins, Re-Tweets plays a major role to enhance your Google ranking. Most of the articles that have additional social signals like re-tweets and likes during a short span of time gets higher rank in Google. it is the secret of strategy that  the Google not yet unconcealed. thus apply this and that i am bet certain that you simply can rank higher in Google. 

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One issue you must understand that, There area unit uncountable blogs that are becoming uncountable guests from Social Media. And it's too drive four-hundredth Of Our blog - Digit Crunch's Traffic from Social Media. 

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4. Add Keywords In Your Articles To Rank Higher: 

Oops! I forgot this time to stay it at prime. you recognize that it is the most important issue to rank higher in search engines?. Yes! you must serve the simplest of highest quality content to your blog readers however also you must add some crunchy keywords too in your article. 

MUST KNOW: perpetually Keep The Keyword Density By 2-3% .i.e. If Your article contains five hundred words then use 10-15 keywords. 

10 Ways to Increase Adsense CPC With Keywords5. Google Authorship Of Your Blog: 

Google Authorship was introduced earlier in 2012 by Google itself, that compete a big impact within the Ranking Routine. A blog that has Google Authorship Ranks higher in Google. Researches shows that which blog too might overhaul up to four-hundredth of traffic from Google with the Google Authorship. If you already have not done that so, then do not look ahead to the air-craft to require off. Implement it nowadays and see the changes. 

6. images Describe Thousands Of Words: 

 Do not Leave images Behind, you must understand that pictures describe thousands of words. pictures not solely describe your blog and create it additional awesome and funky however it also makes some area reserved for you to feature some quality and engaging keywords in your pictures which can help you to drive enough traffic from Google and alternative Search Engines too. you must Follow the subsequent Things: 

1. always Add elevation Tags within the pictures. 
2. Add Keywords within the pictures (It can helps you to Optimize your SEO) 
3. Add a particular Size Of Your pictures ( Add The Image Size Tag In pictures )
4. Image mustn't Be larger Than 60KB - (It can decrease your blog Loading Time)
5. Image ought to Be Named Properly. Use Hyphens (-) rather than areas within the Image Name.

7. Build Quality Backlinks For Your Blog: 

Backlinks not solely helps you to drive traffic from huge scale sites however also it boost your PR and your Domain Authority too. a number of The Backlink Building ways Are: 

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i) blog Commenting: It Not solely Improve Your Google Ranking however also Helps You To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your blog. do not assume that it's a waste of your time as if you provide one thing then you may get one thing. thus always perform this strategy so as to improve your Google ranking. 

ii) Social Bookmarking & Directory Submission: These 2 strategy are the a part of Off-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) within which you have to manually go to High Authority sites and place your blog's link there and in return you may get quality traffic and backlinks too. we've got distributed once some immense lists of Social Bookmarking and Directory submission sites. you'll be able to get it from this blog itself. 

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8. Do not Use Any Black Hat SEO Strategy: 

Black Hat & White Hat SEO - It's too a part of the SEO World. Blackhat SEO Refers to the illegal ways in which of obtaining immense traffic within few minutes of your time and obtaining tons of backlinks and there area unit several things. Whereas White hat is that the manual method wherever one works hard so as to induce high ranking in Search Engines and do everything by himselfherself. ne'er use Blackhat as it's extremely dangerous and it'll hurt your web site and if you utilize then Get browse to be fined by Google Updates. 


The strategy mentioned here during this article is absolutely helpful and effective so as to enhance Google Ranking, even with less traffic. These are not solely employed by bloggers however also by the Professionals and it's suggested to follow this strategy. If you have got any suggestion or feedback regarding this article then feel free to post your feedback, we'd be happy to listen to from you. Peace and Happy Blogging :)


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